The Name Game

                                                     American youth have become public enemy no. 1 on         

                                                                                        which to pin society’s woes, while taxpayers and

                                                                                        government leaders avoid the real issues of shifting

                                                                                        economic and cultural realities.

                                                                                                                                        -Henry A.Giroux
The truth is they are here:
Hip hopper

avante guard loving

heavy-metal guitar smashing,

Goth frightening

reggae and reaggeton rapping

folk and country, grunger

flash back ‘70’s disco dresser


an active refusal to socialize to dominant values.


Anarchist. Marxist-socialist


orthodox, unorthodox


gun-toting, hero-worshipping

Catholic and Protestant

sun worshipping

Wiccan. environmentalist

Che t-shirt wearer


all in your face.


Refugee, immigrant

homeless, documented, undocumented

Buddhist, Taoist,

Hindi, Moslem

atheist, agnostic

mute, blind

autistic, dyslexic


pro-war, anti-war

ex-leftist child guerrilla

majority minorities


a condition of our democracy.


Boy-George impersonator

Cher wanna be

transgendered, bisexual

homosexual alternative lifestyle

bar hopper

tattooed body modifier

independent news blogger


they will not disappear.


Alcoholic, recovering addict

bipolar, depressed

just released from the psych ward


artist, con-artist, drug-dealer

thief, gambler

foster child, runaway

left-handed, right handed

bastard and prostitute


neutrality is annihilation.


Chess freaks

sci-fi delusionals

parentless single parents

police brutalized

elote sellers


tax evading taxpayers

future voters of America


grass rooted and homegrown

oppositional, anti-procedural

gifted and illiterate


this public school homeroom is a

national convention convened-


free thinking is a serious possibility.






                                                              Yolanda Nieves