To a Pupil



Is r       Is reform needed? Is it through you?

The     The greater the reform needed, the greater the personality you

                    Need to accomplish it.


You    You! Do you not see how it would serve to have eyes, blood,

                     Complexion, clean and sweet?

            Do you not see how it would serve to have such a body and

                     Soul that when you enter the crowd an atmosphere of desire

                     And command enters with you, and every one is impress’d

                     With your personality?


O t       O the magnet! The flesh over and over!

            Go, dear friend, if need be give up all else, and commence to-

                      Day to inure yourself to pluck, reality, self-esteem,

                      Definiteness, elevatedness, 

Res     Rest not till you rivet and publish yourself of your own




  To                                                                  Walt Whitman