The Teacher's Voice
A literary Journal for Poets and Writers in Education

Vol. 3 #2

 Poetry/Short Story/Creative Nonfiction/Essay

Open Issue: No Theme/No Rules

Notes on Contributors

The Lamb
Franz Marc

The Writing Teacher
Richard Holinger

Altered Egos

Boyd Bauman

The English Patients
Drama Queen
Vicki Collins

The Face on The Coin
Garrett Rowlan

The Dance
Alejandro Escudé

Spending Time
Tim Willey

Lesson Plan: Grammar
Kathleen Crocker

Clint Margrave

The Questions
Jodi Hottel

Why I Bother
Kerry Michael Wood

Because No One Else Does
Stacy Campbell

School Breakfast
Adrienne Hernandez

Reading and Recess
Cutting School
Steve Shilling

Class as Scat Jazz
The New Cool
The Public School Whose Number Doesn't Matter
Peter Fernbach

What I Have Learned in School
Diana Sher

Waiting for Sherman Alexie
Thomas Stein

miraculous newyork
Rajiv Mohabir

November 22, 2009
Edward Francisco




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