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Poetry, short story, & creative nonfiction





         Robert Frost


Becky Thompson

   Flying Lessons

         Robin Greene



Perie Longo


Kathryn DeZur
   Spelling Bee


Star Coulbrooke

   Poetry Writing Class Searches for a River


Eleanor Berry

Robert Randolph
  Poetry Teacher


Perie Longo
 The Point of Poetry

William Greenway
  I Taste a liquor Never Brewed: The Poem as Fine Wine


Judith Arcana
  The Teacher At Home


Bill Brown



Chad Prevost
 God Speaking Through a Didactic Professor

Greg Tuleja
  Certain Procedures


Kathryn DeZur
  Forbidden Experiment

Kent Dixon

  To My Students, Perhaps All Students


Anne M. Drury
   Lost Boys

Craig B. McVay

  Timotheus: Latin II

Jose B. Gonzalez

   Sociology 101: Essay on Illegal Immigration
Judith Arcana



Colette Tennant

   Early May


William Carlos Williams

   The Lonely Street



   Giorgio Chirico

   Alberto Giacometti

   Pablo Picasso


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