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Vol. 3 #1

 Poetry/Short Story/Creative Nonfiction/Essay

Professor, did you think it would be like this? 

Notes On Contributors 

Dan Drossman 


Selling Education, Manufacturing Technocrats, Torturing Souls
William Astore

Capitalist University
G. Tod Slone

Can Journalism Schools be Relevant in a World on The Brink?
Robert Jensen

Selections from Smackdown!
Mary Beth O'Connor

Hambugger You-Never City: (Killin's Served) Bullhorn, Texas
Susanna Rich

Quantum Weirdness

Memo to Welcoming Committee
Susana H. Case

"In my dream last night, I was blind."
Ruth Hoberman

Color Theory
Jennnifer Campbell

Desire as a Symptom of Infinity
Jared Pearce

Laugh Lines
Paul Many

An Insanely Democratic View
Nancy Dafoe

Selections from Disrupting Consensus
Michael S. Glaser

Simple Gifts
Susan C. Waters

Night Class
Suzanne Roberts

The Peace Sculpture Wore
Andres Castro

Solitude's Companions
Bobbi Dykema Katsanis







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