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Vol.1 #3
Abridged Online  

Poetry, short story & creative nonfiction


Stephen Crane
           "Think as I think," Said a Man

           The Sage Lectured Brilliantly

Kathleen Willard
           Lesson On The Greeks
           In Biology, a Life Science

Ginny Lowe Connors 
           History Class


Marcus Cagfagna
          The Missing Toe


Claudette Mork Sigg


Patricia Lawson
Team Player

Lisa Rosen
ESL Class

Ginny Lowe Connors
Student, Passing

Alan L. Steinberg
             In The Middle Ages

Rob Hardy
             Learning Curve 

Craig Etchison

Susan Sampson
             Picture Window  

Edith Nesbit
           The Despot

Judith Terzi
          The Subjunctive of Iraq

 Robert Jensen
           Critical Hope: radical citizenship
            in reactionary times

Suellen Wedmore                                      
           The Dots I Was Asked To Connect


Notes on Contributors


Giorgio Chirico.........cover
Kathe Kollwitz
Olaf Gulbranson
Pablo Picasso
Asano Yamura



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