The Teacher's Voice
Literary Journal for Poets and Writers in Education



Vol.1 #4

Managing Editor
Andrés Castro
Editorial Board
Charles Rammelkamp
Jackie Davis Martin 
Haruko Aoki Castro
Johh Azrak


Poetry, short story & creative nonfiction 

 Herman Melville



        Barbara Lau



        Dana Sonnenschein

 Warrior and The Lady


        Paula Lambert                              

 These Literary Saints

        Dana Sonnenschein

 The Guild Chapel


        Edward Francisco

       Monastic Remnants


        James T. Fields

 The Owl Critic


         Paul Hostovsky

  Woman With Chrysanthemums


        William Sheldon

  We Said We Didn’t Like Her Dashes


        Barbara Lau

 Walking Home From The Writing Center


        James Scruton

  My Students Describe a Question Mark


        Steven Zuckerman

  Tongue Twister

        Kathryn Kerr

  What My Students Learned About Writing Fiction


        Paul Brooke


        William Sheldon

  Following Your Compass or Choosing 
The Workshop Right For You


        Robert Tremmel

 A Labyrinthine Sentence About The Day
 My Students Turn In Their Multigenre Papers
 And I Meet a Distinguished Colleague


        Clarence James Dennis

  The Ant Explorer


        Karen Benke

  The Teacher Observes Trees With The Second Grade

L.     N. Allen

  I, Vladimir Vacic, Student From Yugoslavia, Observe
Come To Class In a Sari


        Mary Christine Delea

  Sex and Death


J.      J. Tarwood



        William Blake

  The Schoolboy


R      Robert Tremmel

  Buck Creek School, 1935 


E      Edward Francisco



L       Lara Gerstein

  The Umbrella

M      Mary Barrett

   In Oakland

   My Somebody

   Getting An Education

K      Karen Benke

  During Poetry

        Charlotte F. Otten



R     Richard M. Berlin

 The Scientists

 At The Residential School Team Conference

G     M. Garrett Bauman

  From Turmoil to Transformation

  Crossing The Fine Line Between Teacher and Therapist

   Notes on Contributors

M     Mission Statement & Guidelines……………..Inside Back Cover


A    Artists

W    Georgio De Chirico
Max Ernst

        Wassily Kandinsky

Pa     Pablo Picasso