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Vol.1 #1
Abridged Online  

 Notes On Contributors




Poetry, short story & creative nonfiction




Walt Whitman

           To a Pupil
          An Old Man’s Thought of School


Donna Pucciani

           World Lit


Ed Meek

          Dennis Martin

              Mike Bernier

              The Language of The Listening Eye


Gwendoline Y. Fortune



Leone Scanlon

          Learning the Alphabet


Elizabeth Dolan

              Searching for Her Father


Melissa Gurley Bancks

              A Teacher's Life


Elizabeth Gallo



             The Difference a Semester Makes
Hal Sirowitz           

            Mr. Serious

            Teaching Reading  


Karen Lewis

            Duck and Cover


David Feela

            A Gram of Truth


Louella Bryant



Charles Rammelkamp

         Castleman Calls It Quits


Allison Green

         Letter to Saharla


Anthony Gayle

         “ XXXX” Revisited



              2nd Childhood


Ron Ballard

         To an Honor Student

         Teaching Adolescents


Lewis Carroll

            Little Birds


D.H. Lawrence


            Search for Truth






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