Memory of Red Cloud’s Granddaughter


          I’m back behind the cosmetics counter.

          I left here a year ago &
enrolled at the state university.
As a single mother & a Native American
I wanted better for my two sons.
I wanted to be a role model for them.

           My first semester was a success so
the school gave me a scholarship.
Then over the holidays my ex got out of jail &
came up to the reservation drinking & fighting.
I was there visiting my mother.
She was dying.
It all started to pile up.

          The spring semester I fell behind.
The school tried to help with tutors.
My sister took the boys.
My ex was back in jail.
Time went clicking by.
In the end I barely passed my classes
except biology which I failed.
The biology professor was from back east.
I don’t think he liked our people.

          I wasn’t able to be enthusiastic
about school after that so now
I’m back doing makeovers from
behind the cosmetics counter.
But I don’t think I’ll stay.
I have a new boyfriend &
he wants to go somewhere else. 



                                                                                Thomas Stein