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 Mission Statement

At a time in U.S. history when democratic public education, in spite of all the NCLB to "Race to The Top" political rhetoric, is in distress, it is self-evident that we need to hear at every turn and in every way possible from the chalk-wielding front lines. These are frenetic troubled times when colleagues, students, and parents should count on the strength, truth, and creative vision of poets and writers who have answered the calling of American education.

However, even in the best of schools (imagine the concrete city mammoths, one floor mini-schools, and impoverished rural outposts) colleagues rarely discover how much emotion and insight sit beside them in the teachers' cafeteria (if they have one). It is extremely sad that the majority of teachers come and go and never get heard at their most creative frequencies; uncensored truth telling and artistic expresson keeps disappearing. Just as sad are the feelings of apathy and impotence inculcated around the country. 

Our first priority is to keep the The Teacher's Voice growing for educators to fully express themselves: idiosyncratically personal to the radically social-political submissions are considered. However, we welcome anyone with a strong interest in American education and the transformative power of language. It is essential for us to nurture a creative dialogue that welcomes all stakeholders and ensure that it includes a broad range of voices and aesthetics. Ultimately, we want The Teacher's Voice web site and published works to become recognized creative resources. We remain a work in progress: all constructive critical feedback is welcomed.
                                                                        December, 2004


Help Keep This Unique Space

We warmly thank all contributing poets and writers. We also deeply thank those who volunteered in our first years to help get us started. Many small press literary magazines come and go every year for want of modest support so please keep us in mind; consider "Lilly Heir Makes One Hundred Million Dollar Bequest to Poetry Magazine." 






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