Winner of The Teacher's Voice

2010  Chapbook Contest

Final Judge: Taylor Mali

Newly Released: June 2011




Jeff Kass teaches Creative Writing at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor MI and at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti MI and is the Literary Arts Director at Ann Arbor's Teen Center The Neutral Zone. He is also the Programming Director for the Ann Arbor Book Festival. He is the author of the chapbook of poems Invisible Staircase and the one-man performance poetica about teaching Wrestle the Great Fear. His debut short story collection Knuckleheads was recently published by Dzanc Books and can be found @  


"A well-crafted memoir that reads like a long poem in the voice of one who has spent his life on the front lines of teaching, who every day allows his heart to be crushed, broken, bathed, and reborn in the stories and experiences of those whom he is paid to educate. Here are the successes and failures—and everything in between—that make up a life in the classroom."

Taylor Mali

“Jeff Kass is a magnificent writer and an inspiring teacher for the same reason: his great big, ever-expanding, open, compassionate heart. This little book is a treasure.” 

Lesléa Newman, Nobody's Mother, Still Life with Buddy

“As I finish reading From the Front of the Room, I will remember Kass' soul-deep care for his students, their stories, their futures. I think I won't soon forget numbering among them via these pages. And I just wanted to say I feel renewed and blessed to have encountered this writer, this poet, this teacher, and this eye-opening and heart-opening collection.”

Suzanne Strumpek Shea, Sundays in America, Songs from a Lead Lined Room                                                                                                         


32 Pages
Perfect Binding

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