This Poem is Not Out to Offend Anyone




This poem is innocuous,

equitable; it belittles no one.

This poem views all sides of every argument and,

with careful qualifications,



This poem abjures controversy. It says

All are included. It says

See how likeable I am, how just.

This poem’s fairness is rivaled

only by its modesty:

it is a humble poem

ready to change perspectives,

allow for differing opinions.



That is, if this poem

had any opinions, which it does not

for fear of appearing shrill,

espousing unpopular

or too popular

metaphors, cultural allusions,

difficult frames of reference.


Your point is taken, says the poem

(in passive tense, avoiding

freighted emotions).

Some say this, some say that

this poem acknowledges—

But, however,  on the other hand…


This poem only wants to be liked. 

                                                                                                Ann E. Michael