Regarding the interloper in our solar system, here

are some suggested strategies.  First, do we really want

to highlight the distinction between planet and planetoid? 

No matter if the planets number nine or ten.  So primordial

and red an object, probably embarrassed at the sudden

attention, speculation over how hot it is (not very) and how big. 

Keep in mind harassment issues in public language.  Avoid

triggering self-consciousness about age or size, though it’s smaller

even than Pluto, lowest quintile.  Don’t refer in its presence

to its eccentric orbit or the ten and a half thousand years

just to make one circle around the sun.  An under-achiever and I

suspect that being called a minor object will also be a setback

to its self-esteem.  Perhaps it’s best to emphasize how special it is,

how unlike anything else ever found,  even if we don’t know how

much pull towards conformity there is billions of miles away from here.
Mention positives:  the moon that wants nothing more than to revolve
around its shiny surface.  How much grander it is than a
Its beautifulname.  Although, frankly – Sedna?  When did Inuit
goddesses crash the Roman system? We’ll have a meeting Wednesday,
2 PM in the coffee room to further discuss how to handle this.








                                                                                      Susana H. Case